A Great Year

Yep, we voted to leave Europe (good or bad, does anyone know?), the Americans voted Trump in for Head Cheese (we'll see if that one's bad), and many well-known people died. People I, nor you I'm guessing, hardly know or have ever met.

Does that constitute a bad year? Bull—shit.

It's 'not ideal' in many ways, but 99% of those ways are irrelevant to me, and probably you, too. If you're part of that unfortunate group of people who felt the burn of Brexit or will face the terror of a Trump Administration, I'm sorry, however

Our surroundings — what happens around us — pale in comparison to the significance of our own decisions. Giving in to the external surrenders our control.

The ocean may be rough, the heavens may be open, the wind may be bitter… but we — WE — decide how to set the sail.

The destination is a choice.