Dear Music Book Creators

Your book design is bloody atrocious. Let me explain.

How are your books actually used? Do people flip through them like they would a normal book, using their hands to guide the pages through a musical masterpiece?


They sit there while we play the damn music. Ideally we shouldn’t touch them, lest we flip the page.

Turns out, THESE BOOKS FLIP THE FUCKING PAGES THEMSELVES. Perfect-binding is fine for normal reading and sitting on a shelf, NOT for laying flat on a music stand. We have to trample the motherfuckers to make them stay on the same page.

The solution? Here’s a novel idea: WIRE-BINDING. Holy guacamole would they solve every known issue to reading music.

So if you make music books, consider how people use them.

Every time I want to play from one, the first minute is spent bending the little shit how I want. And god help me if I need to turn the page.

Thank you.