Lengthen Your Radius

Several months ago…

We sat in the common room. They all knew I had decided to drop out of uni, and were revising for exams while I worked on something of my own.

The conversation moved onto me and what I was doing. Not revising for one (I was writing a letter), so a hot question was “Why aren’t you ‘working’?”. Yes, ’revision'1 is the only way…

One girl, smiling and laughing, said something like “You’re just gonna end up doing fuck all, aren’t you?”.


Criticising someone for making life decisions different from your own2 is no way to human.

Maybe I don’t fit in your circle, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a circle; lengthen your radius and take a peek.

  1. Define your own ‘work’.

  2. Are they really your own?