Prodigies Don't Exist

Watching Sungha Jung perform his own version of Sweet Child O' Mine, and in the comments, a guy — a guitarist — called him a 'prodigy'.

Prodigies are a nice idea. Same with geniuses. They give us awe-inspiring abilities to look up to. Problem is, they discount everyone else who isn't a prodigy. Which… is everyone. They let people step back from the work needed for excellence with the excuse "I'm not a prodigy."

Get me right, that lad is sen-sational on six strings. And even if he does have some nature-given talent, it won't put him leagues ahead of the rest. Genetics will shower you with medals if you're 0.1 seconds faster than the next-best guy,1 but the huge majority is commitment. Commitment to excellence. Day in, day out.

So no, saying "I can't do what he does because I'm not a prodigy" is a useless excuse. As in any excuse, really. Quit bitchin' and do something.

  1. That insane guy named after Zeus' weapon.