8 days later…

From January 3rd: “I’m 193 days away from a 200-day streak.”

Just 148 days till the streak! I stumbled once while out of town, and thought ”Fuck it, let’s enjoy the serenity.” 1 day turned into 2, to 4, to 8.

Maybe this really is rational, or maybe I’m lazy and inconsistent: no more. It started out great — something I looked forward to each day, something that forced me to learn. But…

It wasn’t long before things turned sour. Late nights, late rises, scrambling to work. That left me 30 minutes while eating to find something worth writing about. Quality tanked, stress rose.

And what for?

It’ll stay, but not every day. Less distress, more time to focus on this place. I don’t believe it is a worthwhile daily (among reading, cold showers and meditation), especially without quality control…

Or maybe I’m full of bullshit. Who knows.