After reading Seth Godin’s thoughts on social media“I don’t want to use a tool unless I’m going to use it really well” — it fired me up.

And it makes sense (I think)… My previous strategy1 was ‘occasionally when I feel like it’, but that’s useless.

So I decided to no longer be shit. No half-arsed attempts or mediocre interactions. I waved goodbye to Instagram (for now) and set my focus on Twitter.

Each day, I aim to interact with 5 people. That’s it. A completed small quota is better than a missed high one, and I typically overdo it by 4-5x.

Today was no different, except for one guy. Sad about something, I holla’d at him saying “Sending love your way <3”, ‘cause why the hell not.

Apparently he found that weird, called me a creep and deleted his tweets. So much for the public cocktail party…

Doing something authentic and positive doesn’t guarantee a positive response. And so what if it doesn’t? If they can’t handle it, that’s their problem, not yours.


  1. Not that I had one…