Today I Learned

Equal Evolution

Every species on this planet is equally evolved. Every organism alive today is the result of an unbroken, ~3-billion-year-old chain of successful reproduction.

Tempura Time

I used to think it was all about Tempura Batter, but noooo. The batter is integral, but the star of the show is Tempura— the Japanese dish of seafood/vegetables that are battered and deep fried.

Keiko Me Krazy

It was years since I watched Free Willy. So long, that I thought Free Willy was the name of the whale1. Turns out, no. The whale was called Keiko, which, related or not, means 'lucky one' (or lucky child, blessed one, etc.) in Japanese.

  1. Let's be honest, we all thought that.

Any and Many

Rails is known for augmenting Ruby in weird and wonderful ways. And one of them is any? — a neat Enumerable method to determine if the collection contains anything.

So what does Rails do? Add an 'm'. many? will tell you if said collection contains 1 or more of anything.

It's the little things.

The Deployment Clusterfuck

It was the first time I've deployed Rails to EBS. And what a day of deployment it was…! The standard slew of production issues, using Amazon's relational database system for the first time, attempting (and failing) to dump/restore the old Heroku database:

pg_dump: 'dump' a database into a file.
pg_restore 'restore' a database from aforementioned dump.

At least, that's what I think was supposed to happen…