The Last Cocktail

Saturday night, the bar was open for 10 hours. For 9 and a half of those hours I stood there diligently making drinks, from gin and tonics to cocktails of all kinds.

As last orders were called and the clock struck 23:45, 2 young women stood there as I made the last drinks of the evening. One went smoothly, just like the dozens of others in the hours before. The last one — a French 75 variation — was different.

I emptied the last of the champagne and just filled up half the glass. The fridge was empty… So off I went, downstairs to our champagne stock to fetch one more bottle. Back upstairs a few minutes laster, cork popped and voila — “There you go.”

“Can I pay by card?”

“Of course!”

The machine was dead… Back on the dock, card in check, and finally — maybe 10 minutes after she asked — cocktail delivered, payment taken.

Excellence is a philosophy. A commitment to keeping the standard, second after second, year after year, drink after drink. Whether it’s the first time you’re doing it or the last — never, ever drop the standard.