You Don't Have To Do Shit

People may tell you to “go to university, get a job, get married, buy a house, be happy”, but truth is: you don’t have to do shit.

Do what you want.

Want to skip uni, find some obscure ice cream parlour in Italy to join and skate on the weekends?

Do it.

Want to leave home, work in a Japanese restaurant in Nagasaki and find a lovely Japanese girl?

Do it.

Want to quit your job, fly to New Zealand and work on farms, while you hike the mountains and take photographs like you’ve always dreamed?

Do it.

Whatever you want to do — ride a motorcycle across China, find a french bakery to work in, quit your job, drop out of uni (did that one!) or fix cars in the heart of America — nobody is stopping you but you.

Do it. And do it now. Your life is ending one minute at a time. Make it count.